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Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks have evolved from the ancient times of burning aromatic woods, to burning fragranced Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks as people advanced in civilization and became more religious. We participate in the following environmental duties as we reflect on the abundance of benefits bestowed upon us.

Environmental sustainability

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Social sustainability

We ensure to minimize any potential negative effects on the environment as a result of the procurement of raw materials and resources. We aspire to continue to contribute to society with our production, sales, and all other business activities that we are capable of performing so that future generations can live in peace and comfort in a sustainable society. We are deeply and unwaveringly committed to our customers, stakeholders, employees, the environment, and the connected paraphernalia, so that our solutions and products provide you with the best, without sacrificing quality or safety.

Quality Sustainability

We assure you that you get the best in terms of quality, performance, perfection, and, most importantly, trust and belief because of our unwavering devotion to our consumers. We ensure that our quality speaks for itself, and we adhere to the modernism required to bring Dehemi items to the forefront. Our testing and production facilities ensure that we comply with Sri Lankan regulations and that quality control is maintained at all stages of production, from the time the powder is blended in the warehouse to the time a finished incense package leaves.

About Our

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