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Dehemi’s passion for manufacturing great Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks stems from a long and treasured tradition that began several years ago. The use of natural components such as cinnamon in our products defines us and makes our products naturally mosquito and fly repellent. Dehemi is dedicated to providing the finest solutions to our customers, stakeholders, employees, and the environment through our products without compromising quality or safety.


Our products do not harm the environment, and Dehemi is dedicated to reducing waste and protecting the world from pollution. We are able to provide a world-class product by combining trusted industry expertise, attention to detail, and the best production processes. We accept bulk orders and can meet specialized requests. Try our products and help us spread the smell of our products to everyone around you.

Our Company

Company Milestones

Dehemi was founded by manufacturing spices
Coconut Oil
Cooking items
Launched Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks

Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks

Manufacturing Process

Mixing Powder

A large selection of aromatic cinnamon is precisely weighed and made into powder form. The powders are sifted to ensure a uniform blend and to remove any particles.

Add Joss powder

With the addition of Joss powder in measured amounts are mixed with water along with the cinnamon powder.

Load to machine

The paste is loaded to the machine for the manufacturing of Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks

Drying process

The sticks are left to dry for a period of 1 hour.

Submerged in cinnamon oil

The dried Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks are submerged in Cinnamon oil for added benefit.


For the final packaging, the dry Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks are weighed and wrapped in the right quantity.