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Our founder’s creation is our unique flagship product, which is the Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks. The aromas utilized are suited to blend everyone’s preferences, which defines us due to its natural substances used in our products.


DCLM 023 - PCS : 30

The set comes in a bundle of 30 sticks measuring at 12inches and is infused with the spicy and tempting, warm and sweet scents of cinnamon. Place them in a holder and light them on a daily or special occasion to make your home smell like perfumed heaven.

DCWB 078 - PCS : 100

This bundle has 30 sticks measuring 9 inches tall. Our ultimate medium-sized cinnamon incense sticks have a fresh and resinous perfume that is full of spicy sweet cinnamon that makes you feel warm and festive.

DCTM 005 - PCS : 30

The two-in-one incense holder is an excellent choice for your home, business, or temple. Since this holder holds Incense sticks, you no longer need to purchase a separate holder. Our incense holder is composed of solid wood that will last for a long time. It collects ash, therefore your surface is no longer messy.

Cinnamon tooth pick - Count 100

Cinnamon oil 50ml - 50ml

DCBS - 12 Boxes