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Dehemi has maintained the craftsmanship and passion of Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks manufacturing and offering for several years. We are a long-established and well-known Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks  producer and supplier in Sri Lanka.

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Our Special Aroma

The Dehemi blending method is an art form in which highly trained “masters” draw on age-old secrets to creating modern fragrance compositions using cinnamon. These artisans meticulously process the quality, balance, and quantity of the fragrance note while working with the finest natural elements. The end result is a unique, subtle cinnamon aroma that urges us to engage all of our senses in – what we call as “spiritual calmness.”

About Our


Dehemi’s Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks have the ability to reach into one’s calming soul due to its profound aroma, which is achieved by our uncompromised quality, something that is recognized by true Gagamini Cinnamon Natural Incense Sticks enthusiasts.

Rs 2,050/=
DCLM 023
Large pack
Rs 4600/=
PCS : 30
DCWB 078
Medium pack
Rs 8800 /=
PCS : 100
DCTM 005
Cinnamon Premium Pack
Rs 3450 /=
PCS : 30
Cinnamon tooth pick
Cinnamon tooth pick
Rs 1260/=
Count 100
Cinnamon oil 50ml
Cinnamon oil
Rs 1460/=
Rs 3480/=
12 Boxes
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I am fully satisfied and happy with the customer service given by Dehemi. Every order of mine comes in great packaging, great condition, speedy delivery and quality products. One word to ever describe this is …. Awesome!

In my office, I recently tried Dehemi incense sticks. The fragrance is really lovely and creates a pleasant atmosphere. I am normally allergic to incense sticks, but this one kept me going smoothly.  I’m shocked that a single stick could do so much magic.

I have been using the products for the last 10 days in my house and I am very much impressed by the gentle aroma emanated from the burning sticks and the serene atmosphere that is created thereafter. I recommend to all those people who use incense sticks in their houses to try Dehemi Products which can be obtained at a very reasonable price.

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